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WildNorth Peru: Mangroves, Whales and more
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With: Michael Tweddle / SOUTHWILD

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Offered July 20 - November 10

Day 1 : Lima - Tumbes
Morning or afternoon flight to Tumbes. Arrival in Tumbes. Optional outing to Puerto Pizarro.
Dinner and overnight in Costa del Sol, Tumbes.

Day 2 : Tumbes Mangroves
Visit of the Tumbes Mangroves and demonstration of the local extraction of crabs and black clams. 
Visit roosts of roseate spoonbills, frigate birds, herons, flamingos.
Dinner and overnight as a camp in Park ranger station.

Day 3 : Puerto Pizarro - Los Organos
Pelicans, Bird island and frigate bird nesting colonies. Three hour transfer to the town of Los Organos. 
En route stops to photograph beaches, local activities and scenery. 
Overnight in any of the nice beach hotels.

Day 4 : Whale watching - Los Organos
Morning outing to see the humpback whale, dolphins and sea birds.
Afternoon visit to the turtle project to swim with turtles and Cabo Blanco surfing. 
Overnight beach lodges.

Day 5 : Chumming trip
Morning trip to the drop of the continental shelf on the Pacific Ocean 40 miles off shore. Possibility to see many new species of seabirds, including the albatross and petrels. Views of dolphins and whales highly possible.
Transfer to Tumbes and evening flight back to Lima.

Additional extensions:
- Bosque Nacional de Tumbes (1 day)
  Full day excursion to see the Pacific tropical forest. Birds and scenery.
- Quebrada Fernandez (1 day)
  Cerros de Amotape, Dry Equatorial forest. Birds and scenery.
- Estuario de Virrilá and Illesca Peninsula (3 days/2 nights)
  Flamingo colony, shore birds, condors, foxes, penguins, boobies, etc
- Chiclayo archeological extension and Chaparrí (3 days/ 2 nights)
  Museum of Sipán, Pyramids of Túcume. 
  Visit to the Dry forest reserve of Chaparrí to see the endemic white-winged guans, hummingbirds, peccaries,             sechura fox and the Spectacled Bear reintroduction program.
  Additional nights recommended in Chaparrí.

TweddleFoto & SouthWild Photo Safaris
At TFSW Perú we have a passion for nature and photography. We have worked extensively with many credited nature photographers and film teams over the years. Our Photo Safaris are designed to provide the best route and stays in the areas that easily offer great shots.

Why go with TFSW on a Photo Safari
• Carefully planned and tested itinerary to maximize photographic opportunities during the best light.
• All locations offer guaranteed shots of most wildlife presented and a few opportunities that are luck of the moment.
• In some locations the lodging is just a functional hotel or overnight arrangement, rather than a wonderful hotel, in  an area with great wildlife
• Our photo safari guide will organize evening presentations and photo discussions.
• Rental of tripods, photo equipment, and rain protection possible to avoid extra weight on intercontinental and      national flights.
• Charging stations and enough plugs available at every overnight location
• Our TFSW operational team carefully accompanies the logistics throughout the voyage.
• We offer carefully selected transportation units and experienced drivers for the route.
• In support of the Peruvian Conservation Units, whenever possible SouthWild specifically tries to include areas of    the National Natural Areas Protection Service (SERNANP) and all fees are included in the package. 

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