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Pacaya & Samiria PinkDolphin Experience
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with: Michael Tweddle /  SouthWildPerú / Waqanki Expeditions

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Reception at Iquitos airport by our Naturalist or Photo Guide. 1:30-hour bus ride in the only paved road in the area to Nauta (95 Kms.) We will board our speed boat with all your belongings during a 4 hour upstream trip through the Marañon river until a tributary, the Yanayacu river, at the Pacaya & Samiria National Reserve, the largest protected area in Peru which encompasses 2,080,000 hectares (5,139680 acres) between the Marañon and Ucayali rivers, main sources of the Amazon. This area has 85 lakes which are home of 250 species of fish as well as both, Pink and Gray fresh water Dolphins and Amazon Manatees. In the jungle and flooded forests of the reserve live 132 mammal species (13 of which are primates), 449 bird species and 250 reptiles and amphibian species have been documented. Bird watchers rises with several macaws species, parrots, swallows, oropendolas, raptors, toucans, hoatzins, horned screamers, fly catchers, terns, kingfishers, mocking birds, humming birds and others. Box lunch during the trip. Short stop at the checkpoint Ranger Station. Continue voyage to Ivy Mara Ey Lodge where we will stay the programmed days in the Pacaya & Samiria Reserve. Dinner at Lodge. Coordination for our next day program.


Early morning before breakfast with just time for a cup of coffee or tea, we´ll have an open boat excursion into the Yanayacu river in the search of Pink Dolphins, monkeys, herons, macaws, caimans and amazon giant otters. Back to Ivy Mara Ey Lodge for breakfast. Then Pink and Grey Dolphins boat search at “La Chingana”, a 40 minute distance tributary of the Yanayacu river. Be ready for monkeys, macaws and colorful butterflies licking salts at the river banks. Night boat excursion searching for caimans and other nocturnal animals. Lunch and dinner at Ivy Mara Ey.

After breakfast, 3 hrs upstream boat ride to “Tambo German” camp site. Always in search of Pink Dolphins, birds, monkeys, caimans and amazon giant river otters. Two nights in one or two person tent accomodations in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Lunch at Tambo German. Afternoon canoe trip and walk to the “Aguara” tributary trail in search of Monk Saki Monkeys, Capuchins, Squirrel Monkeys, Woolly Monkeys and the enigmatic Red Uakari Monkey. Dinner at Tambo German. After dinner day talk and coordination for our next day program.
Optional: night walk opportunity to find and take pictures of a great diversity of insects as mantis, frogs, giant toads, owls and night monkeys. 


Early breakfast, 50 minute upstream boat excursion full day to “Londres” tributary or “Pato Cocha” lake area in search of Pink Dolphins. Paddle in wooden canoes searching and contemplating curious Pink Dolphins as individuals or family groups interactions. Awesome photo opportunities at almost water level. Box lunch aboard. Dinner and night at “Tambo German”. Day talk and coordination for the next day program.


Early breakfast and mid day program around Londres or Pato Cocha in our open boat searching for Pink Dolphins and Black Caimans. If we are lucky a shy Manatee and even a large Green Anaconda sun bathing in a fallen tree. Early lunch and 4 hrs way back to Ivy Mara Ey Lodge. Always in the search and stops for good picture opportunities. Dinner at Ivy Mara Ey. Day talk and coordination for the next day program.


Early breakfast, mid day program at the jungle trail walk searching for monkeys, birdwatching, boas, colorful caterpillars and nice flora. Lunch at Lodge. Visit to the local village of Yarina, home of fishermen, having the opportunity to watch their day by day way of life and the different tools they use to live in harmony with the rainforest.
Freshwater Turtles Conservation Program: During June and July the community collect side-neck freshwater turtle eggs and hatch them in special artificial sandy areas. Between October and November the new born tiny turtles are re-introduced to the water system as a guarantee for the conservation and management of the specie.
Night walk in the jungle, good opportunity to find and take pictures of a great diversity of critters as moths and katydids, frogs, toads, potoos and night monkeys. Dinner at Ivy Mara Ey. Day talk and coordination for our way back to Nauta and Iquitos program.


After breakfast, boat ride from the Pacaya & Samiria National Reserve to Nauta city, then bus ride to Iquitos. On the way back to Iquitos we will stop at the Manatee Rescue Center, then transfer to your selected Hotel or Airport. End of the program.


SPEED BOAT: Fast aluminum boat of 60 HP engine.

LOCAL WOOD BOAT: 8 meters wooden and open boat with a long axis engine.
WOODEN CANOE: 3 – 4 meter tree trunk canoe.

RANGER STATION: Ranger Check point center.

NATURAL RESERVE PERMIT: Is needed to entrance to the Reserve.

FOOD AND BED: We have our own cook and food. This includes Ice, soft drinks and
water. We provide mosquito nets, mattress, sheets and towels in every room. At the camping area we include tents. You can bring your own personal tent if you want.
TIPS & ALCOHOL DRINKS: Not included.

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